We are well aware of the competition in the business of home remodeling, but at About Space we are constantly striving to make our projects more organized, have them run better through the communication process, produce exceptional results, and have happier clients throughout and at the end of the job.  Take  a look at this page to see why you should choose us for your home remodeling projects.

Your home is important to you…and us. At About Space, we take our jobs seriously and we recognize our responsibility in your home.
About Space Remodeling & Construction team members have backgrounds and education that all lead back to making a quality product. Whether it’s being a 3rd generation carpenter, having a college degree in art or and design, or years working for other highly regarded service companies, we strive for excellence in quality and service.
On our remodeling jobs, our goal is to keep the days we’re not there working to an absolute minimum. Our goal is too get your space back to you in the most efficient way possible. We work hard to provide updates at each phase to keep the client fully informed, and work to be realistic about what happens when so that everyone knows what to expect.
One of our greatest assets is our ability to communicate with our clients and team members. Communication is making sure we know what you want, keeping you up to date on your job, and making sure there are as few surprises as possible. Communication also is taking place with our team members all the time so that we knows who needs to be where and when, what needs to happen on your job and why, and how its supposed to look in the end. Callbacks are expensive, and communication helps reduce them to the absolute minimum.
It’s very important to me that we do a great job in our client’s homes; Evanston isn’t just where we do much of our work, it’s where I live also.
Each team member at About Space Remodeling & Construction Inc has at least 10 years experience, a couple more than 30 years experience in their field. Some are second and third generation performing their trade. We believe that our experience leads to great results for our clients.
Working with About Space was a positive experience from concept to completion. Jeremy and the crew had lots of great ideas on how to create our dream kitchen while staying within our budget. Everyone on the crew was extremely professional, pleasant to work with and performed excellent workmanship. Our kitchen is beautiful, functional and comfortable. We couldn’t be happier with the end result and can’t wait to have About Space work on our next remodeling project!
Laura D.
Jeremy, we could not be happier with our beautiful space and we are grateful every time we step into it. It was absolutely worth the wait. We especially love and appreciate your craftsmanship and your attention to details. Furthermore, we enjoyed our interactions with your team. Each member was delightful and we felt our project was in expert and caring hands from the very beginning. We are absolutely pleased and very proud.
L.K. Evanston